Benefits of Keeping A Positive Mindset 💕

So, I was talking to an associate of mine who asked me why I worked so hard to spread positivity. At first I had no idea what to say because I never thought I’d have to EXPLAIN the pure litness that positivity promotes! My associate then proceeded to tell me that they don’t understand ‘happy’ people who talk about keeping positive mindsets. This didn’t sit well with me because there are SOOOOO many different reasons that having a positive mindset benefits you. So, I decided to write a post about it! Here are some things that I can personally attest to that are benefits of being positive and working towards remaining positive in your daily life!

  • You are more likely to follow your dreams. When you are always attempting to look on the bright side of things, you can encourage yourself to face your fears and see the positive possible outcomes. You’re less likely to give up on the things you really want. If that isn’t a good reason to promote positivity in your life…
  • You are more joyful. Being positive isn’t easy. Nobody feels positive ALL the time, but when I choose to be positive instead of indulging for long periods of time in negative thoughts, I genuinely feel happier. After awhile, it’s easy to keep unfortunate events from ruining my mood and spirit! It’s a good feeling to be able to look negativity in the face and say “nope, you won’t win today”
  • ITS CONTAGIOUS. This is my favorite thing about positivity. When you smile at a stranger and you see them smile back, it feels good. I love seeing how my positive promotion actually causes someone else to be uplifted and then they share it and the cycle goes on! Pay attention to how one positive spirit can change the vibe of an entire room no matter what the vibe was before. Positivity is POWERFUL.
  • It attracts positive events. I was going through a lot earlier in the year. I was depressed and my mindset was trash. Then, I decided that something had to give. And while I was consistently working on bettering my mindset, amazing changes started happening in my life. Opportunities started opening for things I’ve always dreamed left and right! It was amazing! And it made me push to stay positive even more which promoted more amazing opportunities. It’s a fantastic cycle.
  • Better health. Since remaining positive mentally, it has had positive affects on my body physically. I don’t know the scientific connection but my headaches have lessened and I used to be a sickly person, in and out of the hospital and I literally have been ill maybe once in the past year.

So those are SOME benefits of being positive. There’s actually a whole lot more I’m sure. Are you convinced yet? Aside from all the reasons I named doesn’t being positive and smiling just FEEL better? What reasons can you think of for being positive? Comment below!


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37 thoughts on “Benefits of Keeping A Positive Mindset 💕

  1. Having a positive spirit is also vibrational.

    It elevates your perception, awareness, aura, and energy.

    It is in this frequency that God dwells. It is in this realm of pure potentiality (Deepak) that blessings are bountiful.

    If any ‘good’ is to manifest, it will be in this field of divine energy. Positivity puts you in the field defying external cues that say otherwise.

    Nothing good happens outside of the space where positivity places you.

    Positivity is like selecting a radio station that plays only oldies but goodies, from happier days.

    Tuning to this station keeps your spirits high and that of those around you. It frames a optimistic reality.

    There are other stations and frequencies. They offer an opposite reality, that is nonetheless real to its listeners too.

    Thanks for your lovely post.

    Kevy Michaels

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  2. Truly Positive Post to Prepared for Positive life, to spread Positivevibes to Positive World to create your positive Universe 🌌. 😃

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  3. For the longest time I would always look for the negative outcomes in my day. But now I’m learning to always think of something positive everyday. Before I start my day I try to say a few positive things to myself. Love the post!

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  4. This is so inspiring! Hopefully no one can say having a negative mindset it better than having a positive one and this just proves why positive is so much better! You’re spreading positivity and happiness through this post, thank you!😊💕

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  5. Great post! And no, being joyful or positive all the time isn’t easy, takes strength. When I was younger I used to be negative all the time, so it felt like everything around me was bad. One day I decided I would do the opposite and be positive. My day went a lot better. If something bad (but dumb) happened I would just laugh and say “it’s okay, this isn’t enough to ruin my day”.

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  6. I loveloveloveLOVE this post so much! Mindset is everyyything in how we perceive and experience life–I get so excited when I see others sharing such a powerful message for others to benefit from! Also I love your phrasing of positivity promoting “pure litness,” haha, because ohhh it so does! Thanks for being you and sharing your light.

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  7. Yes! Being positive can change your whole life! I had a tendency to be pretty negative but as I got more into my faith in God, I couldn’t help but be positive. Being positive has helped me to be so much more resilient. A positive attitude doesn’t mean that everything in my life is suddenly perfect, but my response to what happens in my life has changed. There are things I wouldn’t have handled well before that I know I can handle now. It’s amazing. I just like myself and my life so much better than I did before. Thanks for this post! It was quite uplifting! 🙂

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  8. This post hits home for me! I am a big proponent of “positivity” myself so I could relate to everything you wrote! You are absolutely correct that with a positive mindset, we can accomplish so much more! Reach our dreams, have better health and it’s truly contagious! Great article, really enjoyed reading this!

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  9. I also live by this, and try my best to keep positive all the time and surround myself of positive people too! ❤ I agree good vibes (as bad ones) are contagious…so we should definitely pick our crew wisely! ❤

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