My Relationship Deal Breakers..

Relationships have problems and issues and arguments. No relationship is perfect, right? Well, I consider myself to be rather enduring when it comes to relationship. I can handle a lot when I love someone, but like everyone else, there are some things I just cannot accept if I’m going to be in a relationship. And this actually goes for relationships romantically or platonically.

So here it goes:

  1. Cigarette smoker. I can SOMEWHAT handle someone who smokes cigarettes in my life as a friend, but anything more? No. I can’t stand the taste or smell of cigarette smoke. I don’t judge anyone who does it, but I don’t want it in my nose and mouth. So, that’s definitely a deal breaker.
  2. Disrespectful to their mother. I cannot STAND people who disrespect their parents. I don’t take excuses or reasons or none of that. Somebody carried you UNCOMFORTABLY for 9 months and you treat them like trash? That’s probably one my biggest pet peeves and I can’t even respect someone who mistreats their mother. Quickest way for me to become a not so sweet individual.
  3. Liars. I’m just not with it. I can’t get down with someone who lies to me constantly. I’m an understanding person and there is never a reason to lie to me. So I just can’t have someone like that in my life.
  4. Rude to waiters. I don’t even understand people who scream at waiters when they are upset about their food. Are you aware that they don’t actually COOK THE FOOD?? So what are you yelling at them for? Plus, they are human. They make mistakes and this is how they pay their bills. RESPECT THEM.
  5. Unclean. I’ve come across a few gentlemen who didn’t understand proper hygiene and it is unpleasant to be snuggled up against someone who has a foul odor regularly. Same with friends. I don’t wanna hang out with someone who CONSTANTLY refuses to take care of themselves.
  6. Lazy. I have learned recently that I don’t vibe with people who expect so much for doing so little. Making excuses and talking about how you deserve this and why don’t you have this when you haven’t done ANYTHING worth getting it. Going through hard time doesn’t entitle you to anything. Hard work does. People who lack ambition are people I genuinely don’t really want in my inner circle.
  7. No sense of humor. I am a corny goodball. I actually play way too much. It’s absolutely absurd how silly I am. My love calls me weird because of my goofy behavior almost every day. If you can’t get with that… we can’t hang lol.
  8. Unsupportive. I share my blog everywhere. I even send links to my friends sometimes who I know don’t see my posts, but I always notice people who give me genuine and consistent support. My love is ultra supportive. He pushes me to keep doing things even when I don’t want to or I’m scared to. He ALWAYS has my back. People who put me down or throw doubt at my dreams are unwelcome.
  9. Doesn’t respect me. Respect is my NUMBER ONE THING. The moment a person disrespects me I become another person. I am cool and fun and chill until I’m disrespected. The moment you become a disrespectful individual towards me you’re instantly cut out of my life. No second thoughts about it. It doesn’t matter who you are.
  10. Abusive. I mean physical, mentally, or emotionally. I have been in a physical and emotionally abusive relationship and I will never allow myself to deal with anything like that ever again.

So, those are my deal breakers. Do they seem unreasonable? What are your deal breakers? Comment below! Until next time….


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48 thoughts on “My Relationship Deal Breakers..

      1. They really do! I once had a (rather drunk) man threaten to complain to my manager because I wasn’t smiling enough while I poured his tea. As though smiling is what I should be thinking about when carrying boiling hot water!


    1. I’m in a really good relationship now. He treats me so much better and is so sweet! It took me a long time to trust him tho because of the abuse in the past! Those kind of relationships are so damaging


  1. Let’s see….. if he wears tighty whities, an adult man should not be wearing them. Another deal breaker is, if he’s into tranny’s and gay porn. I don’t care if that’s what anyone is into but just don’t claim that you’re into me and then pop that news and desire after we are together. Ohhhh and another deal breaker is if he’s a narcissistic asshole.

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    1. 😂😂 The Tighty Whities thing made me laugh! I have never even thought about that! And yeah if you’re attracted to males I’ll have a hard time believing you’re attracted to me. It’ll mess with my confidence. And I dislike narcissism. It’s so agitating to be around someone like that!

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  2. I agree with all these apart from smoking and being lazy! I’d be a hypocrite if I agreed haha! I don’t smoke now, but I vape and trying to quit. And, I’m lazy. Super lazy. Working On that too.
    I think, if a person wants to be with you and are willing to change these negative qualities for you, then that should be worth giving a shot!


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  3. Love how honest and real you are! I agree with everything on this list!! Except I’m a smoker so I don’t mind smokers but sometimes when my boyfriend has a cigarette and I don’t have one with him, I can’t kiss him for a little while because his mouth tastes so nasty!!

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  4. I pretty much have the same relationship dealbreakets as you have! My biggest is probably the smoker one. As I am astmathic and will probably choke in his smoke. Also being rude to waiters, or the cashier in a store or any working person really. Just be nice!


  5. Everything you mentioned is on my relationship deal breaker list too! Being part Japanese, I grew up with knowing how important respect is and when your partner has is no respect to their own parents and/or to my own, there is a huge problem. I really loved reading this post xx

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  6. well, duh! disrespectful, rude, lazy… you don’t need those people in your life!
    for me, I wouldn’t be that harsh towards smokers cause my mom smokes and all my friends (I don’t) so I’m basically used to it and sometimes it bothers me a bit, but I’m usually OK with it. As far as personal hygiene goes, I don’t care what you do with your body, but it’s sure not pleasant to be around those people all the time 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

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  7. I saw this post title & absolutely just had to click! If someone can be rude to the person doing their service they can be rude to you and shows a lack of compassion. And disrespect to ANYONE irks me. Girl these are great rules to go by!

    xx Lena |

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  8. As a man I think what I look for in a woman might be a little different, but I think it’s a close call but if I had to choose it has to be respect…because if you respect yourself and the other person, then I think you can work out everything else. Great post.

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