New Years Resolutions… (Goals)

Well, the time has come where everyone has been consistently talking about their New Years Resolutions and what they want to accomplish. I love it. While I am an advocate of having new goals and things to work towards all year long, it’s still so inspiring and motivating listening to everyone all pumped up about bettering themselves and being lit in their future.

So in the spirit of Self Development I’m going to share a few of my “New Years Resolutions” with you guys.

  1. Pay off all debts. I am not thousands of dollars in debt or anything, but now that I’m older and severed from my parents financial support (by choice) I think it’s important I pay more close attention to my credit and owing people money. I should’ve done this awhile ago, but better late than never?
  2. Raise my Credit Score. This ties in a lot with number 1. I want to pay all of my debts, but in addition I want to work extra hard to pay bills on time and early if I can. I intend on getting my first credit card soon and possibly auto paying my rent and then immediately paying the bill to my credit company to help with paying my rent on time as well as paying my credit card bills on time. Is this a good idea? I don’t know it was just a thought.
  3. Start a YouTube channel. I’m honestly almost mad this is a New Years goal of mine. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long that it’s absurd I haven’t started yet.
  4. Grow my blogging platform. I LOVE blogging! And I love all of you guys! This experience has done nothing more than encourage me to keep at it. All the comments and positive feedback and love has been amazing. I want to keep growing and keep inspiring and motivating people as much as I possibly can.
  5. Live a healthier lifestyle. I have ZERO healthy habits. I used to be real good at drinking water, but I’ve started slacking at that too. I would like to start better taking care of myself. It’s very important to me.
  6. Go to a TedTalk Event. I’m not sure if this is a difficult thing to accomplish. I just know that I love watching the videos on YouTube and I want to go to one of their weekend events and be inspired til my socks come off!
  7. Record my First EP. I love to sing. Love it. It was my first passion. And yet, it’s the only one I slack at working towards. Probably because it gives me the most anxiety thinking about putting myself out there musically. But I gotta stop being a coward and go for it.
  8. Gain multiple strands of income. I have a job. And I love it. I never want to lose it and it provides for me, but I would like to get multiple income sources so that no matter what happens I know that I’ll never be hopeless if one source of income dries out. Plus, I really wanna own my own business one day.
  9. Read 50 or more books. I used to LOVE to read. I read all types of books and I would like to get back to it. There are so many self development books out there that I just wanna dive head first in and get inspired!
  10. Manage money better. I get paid enough to maintain bills and a social life and yet I’m always broke. Why? Because I have NO impulse control. If I walk into a mall with my card there’s a good chance I’ll swipe until it declines or my boyfriend takes away my purse. It’s a problem and I have got to nip it and get rid of it.

I have actually a LOT of goals for 2018. Like, almost 100, but those are the biggies! Hopefully me putting them out there will help me remain accountable! What are your New Years Resolutions?

Until next time…..


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42 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions… (Goals)

    1. Thanks! Once I figure out editing and stuff I’ll be posting my first video! And I already have 3 songs finished for the EP!

      Yeah adultin sucks! But I’m excited to get on it this year! Happy New Year!


  1. These are some great goals you have set! I’ve always wanted to attend a TEDTalks too. I watch them on YouTube all the time and the topics are always so interesting. I hope you get to achieve all the goals you have created and I hope you had a wonderful New Year xx

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  2. Oh this is fab! What great goals. I’m loving the reading one. One of my goals is to read a little bit more. If you’re ever stuck for ideas go to BookmartThat. There’s a link in my blog. The best bit about your goals is they seem realistic and not idealistic! Can’t wait to see your progress ❤ xx


    1. Thanks so much! Realistic was what I was going for this year! I’ve struggled because I made my goals so big and extra and I would lose motivation to do them QUICKLY. So I’m trying something different this year and doing practical goals that’ll help me get steps closer to my dreams!


      1. It’s the way to do it! My goals have always been to lose weight and do something amazing. This year I just want to get through it relatively healthy! X

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  3. Reading your post I realized that nothing could make me happier as we have similar new year resolutions ! How amazing that I found your post! I would really love if you pay a visit to my new video post here in this link and let me know your opinion by commenting on the video. I also have a blog post if you like to read 🙂 Please subscribe to my new channel and that will be my inspiration ❤


  4. You have some great goals. I’ve not made any resolutions for 20 or more years, but from this point on I will make an exception: to reduce the amount of plastic I buy/use and to be more ‘earth conscious.’

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