How I’m Spending My Christmas This Year…

Honestly, as I’m sitting here typing this… I’m not 100% sure what’s happening for Christmas this year. For the past few months my boyfriend had discussed spending Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas With mine. However, when Thanksgiving came around his family didn’t end up doing what we thought and we ended up spending the majority of Thanksgiving with just us. Then, ended up going to go see my family.

However, my family has been expecting us to come so I don’t want to disappoint them. SO we are either going to spend Christmas Eve and morning with my family and then drive another six hours to go visit his family, or if we don’t have the money since I tapped myself out on Christmas gifts, we will wait and go see his family on MLK BDAY.

My school will be closed that Monday and he can plan to be off and we can spend a long weekend there. Anyway, we’re not sure what the plan is except that I’m definitely going to spend Christmas morning with my mom and sisters like I do every year. That’s the only real Christmas tradition I have.

We get up every Christmas morning and do a little devotion and then exchange presents. It’s a really nice time and last year my love got to be a part of it for the first time. So I hope he will do the same this year.

Anyway, this post didn’t really have much of a planned outline as others have, and might be kind of boring but I hope you enjoyed reading anyway!

Until next time…

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20 thoughts on “How I’m Spending My Christmas This Year…

  1. It sounds hard having to juggle families! I would be stuck too. I hate having to split up and going to our separate families for Christmas. It would be easier if both families could just gather and have a huge gathering!

    I hope you had a great Christmas though! Let us know what you ended up doing :)!


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