My Favorite Things About Christmas…

I LOVE Christmas! It’s such a magical and beautiful time of year filled with family and fun and love. It’s my favorite holiday and while I haven’t posted much about Christmas this month I am excited to share my Favorite things about Christmas!

  1. The music. I LOVE Christmas music! It’s so festive and fun! My favorite holiday song may just be EVERY holiday song because I can never choose!
  2. The movies. One of my favorite things about Christmas is all of the movies! My number one favorite is of course, Polar Express. That movie SCREAMS holiday spirit!
  3. The Holiday Spirit. Speaking of Holiday Spirits, that is also one of my favorite things about Christmas. Around this time of year people are the nicest, the most giving, the friendliest. I don’t know what it is about the magic of Christmas but people who are usually unresponsive and rude can give you the biggest smile and wish you a Happy Holiday. It’s beautiful to see that the Spirit of Christmas is so easily spread and shared by everyone.
  4. The decorations. I LOVE Christmas decorations! I have never been able to set up lights outside my house and this year is no exception but I’ve ALWAYS loved watching people’s decorative lights outside their houses. I love the snowmen in the front yards and the Santa’s in his sleigh. I love to see people’s Christmas Tree! This years blogmas I’ve seen so many people’s Tree it’s warmed my heart!
  5. Getting gifts for others. Lastly but not least, I Love Christmas shopping for my loved ones. My family means everything to me and I never realized how much I adored getting things for them until this year when I was separated from them so severely that there’s not any hint for any of them as to what I’ll get them for Christmas and I got to do it on my own and creatively. I haven’t even mentioned a gift for my mom to my mom for once and I am so excited to see her face when she sees what I got her. My boyfriend thinks he’s only receiving one gifts and that’s not true either. Giving during this season makes me feel more festive than anything else.

I absolutely love Christmas and all of its wonder. What are your favorite things about Christmas?

Until next time…


20 thoughts on “My Favorite Things About Christmas…

  1. Yes to the movies!! There’s nothing better than being in a holiday spirit, cozy-ing up in bed and watching one of those cute, rom-coms, haha 😀 I’m sure your mom would be so happy with what you got here; mothers usually are like that ❤ Loved this post!

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  2. Awesome list. I am so looking forward to christmas now! 😊 I think I like the fact that people are more giving then they usually are. Sounds a bit cheesy, but I find people to be more kind this time of year! I love that. Happy holidays!

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