Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t really written a lot of Christmas posts. However, I LOVE Christmas and I had to plan SOMETHING in the spirit of the season. I actually might make a few more Christmas posts leading to Christmas Day, who knows?

Anywho, for today’s post I decided to make my Christmas Wishlist. Now, I usually tell my family I don’t want anything for Christmas. I have never been comfortable with people spending a lot of money on me. At least not since adulthood. But there are a few things that I generally intend on getting and would be really nice if someone bought them for me.

1. A camera. I don’t know much about cameras to be honest, but I’ve been wanting a good camera to do YouTube videos both alone and some couple videos (possibly pranks) with my boyfriend. However, I can never seem to get the extra money for a good one. I’m determined so I will get a good camera eventually, but if someone got it for me, that would be nice.

2. Laptop. I actually have my eye on my friends laptop for 200$. I really need a laptop. It would help me with blogging as well as getting editing software and getting some other online things I have planned for the future together. Baby steps. Baby steps.

3. iPhone 6plus or 7. I am not at all interested in the 8 or X phone. I just have no interest. It all just seems too high tech. I feel like apple may be getting out of control, haha. However, I’ve had the 6plus and I liked it and I think the 7 is pretty cool too, but phones are expensive. So while I’ll eventually get it for myself.. if someone would like to get it for me :)..

4. Furniture or a furniture store gift card. As you all know, I have been in a new apartment for about 2 months now. Finding affordable furniture is HARD. I don’t want to finance but I also have a certain look I’m going for, you know? I am kind of picky and willing to wait to find exactly what I want.

That’s only four things, but all of those things can be pretty pricey. That is the main reason I decided to keep my list to myself instead of asking my family to buy me all of these expensive things. I’ll get all of it eventually, but if anyone would like to get it for me (mom, dad, bae… anyone) I would not disappoint you with the amount of gravity I show! So here it is you guys!

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist

  1. Hee hee! Hi there! I completely understand your dilemma over furniture. I was in that same boat last year searching for a couch. I was like: “I don’t need a super expensive couch, but I want it to be a nice color, have appropriate arm and back height, and have the right seat length so I’m not falling off or drowning.” But it can be super difficult! I don’t know how long I looked for or how many stores I went to and just sat on every couch I came across. :p So crazy.

    Oh man! The camera one is a big one for me too. I was doing videos earlier this year and I just cringe looking at my video quality, but I too know nothing about them and they are mega expensive! I ended up not buying one because my time didn’t allow me to make more videos and I wasn’t making money off of it so I couldn’t justify buying a new camera. I hope you get one, though. Youtubing is so much fun and I really wish I could pick it back up (though I wish someone else would edit my videos for me. Hahahaha!)

    I like the simplicity of your Christmas list. 🙂 You know what you want and yes they are a bit expensive, but that’s kind of part of growing up and being an adult. The toys become pricier, but they usually also have a purpose, as well. You don’t want them just to have them. 🙂 Best of luck! Hope you get at least one of the above items for Christmas!

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      1. Yay! Glad you’re finding some stuff and I recommend just doing some reading online. That really helped me when I went looking to figure out what other Youtubers use. Also, I’ve read that you don’t really need to do a super expensive one, but you do need to know what kind of video style you’re going for as that can impact the camera you get. 🙂

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